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A key highlight of the Islamic Studies Program is the internship, which enables students to put their studies into practice and to gain real-world experience outside of the classroom. This experiential unit will provide students with valuable international and professional experience in the world’s most populous Muslim country, which will enhance their understanding of Islam, its application into business, law and society, and the challenges of living and working in a developing economy. In addition to this internship, it is expected that students will undertake additional subjects to the total value of 6-9 SKS (credit points) throughout the semester. In order to facilitate easy communication, an Indonesian interpreter or internship partner will accompany each student. Students will be required to write a work report of between 3000 and 4000 words and present their report in an end of semester class seminar.

It’s a fantastic organisation and they are getting me involved in lots of things, such as consultations with clients, court hearings, radio programs and other legal training programs, as well as some introductory sessions for me about Indonesian law.
Tom Coghlan (ACICIS, Semester 1 2008/2009 student, internship placement at Legal Aid and Consultation Institute)-