November 2017 was one of the memorable months for batch 2014. This month batch 2014 IP UII has completed their character building series. On 11 and 12 November 2017, IP UII held trainings to prepare the students to face the upcoming challenges after their graduation and to motivate and inspire them to be national future leaders people can look up to.

Advanced Leadership Training was held on 11 November 2017 and is aimed to provide opportunity for the students to interact with national leaders and gain motivation and inspiration to bring Indonesia to a better future. The first speaker is Mr. Riza Perdana Kusuma, CEO of PT Indonesia Property, deliver materials entitled as “Innovative Leader for Better Indonesia”. Mr Riza shared his success story while at the same time highlight the importance of developing innovation in leadership. He mentioned that it is important to know what you want to be and act like one. The second speaker, Mr. Suparman Marzuki completed the idea of ideal leader by delivering material entitled with “Compassionate Leader for Better Indonesia”.  In his session, he mentioned that to respect others regardless the position is the key to create a professional leader. Furthermore, being professional means you can hold integrity and have compassion in carrying out your duty as a leader. As a whole, Advanced Leadership Training is expected to let the students know that no matter where you lead, when you are able to hold on positive values you will bring betterment for people around you.

Having a fruitful discussion about leadership in both corporate and governmental environment, on 12 November 2017, Bridging Your Career is held to give overview on what will happen after graduation. The first session was aimed to provide description to the students about their possible future career. Three alumni from Law Department (Annisa Syaufika), Industrial Engineering (Nur Agus Suryoko) and Business and Economics Department (Betha Wanggai) were invited to share their knowledge and experience in finding and developing their career paths and also education. To wrap up the two days training, IP UII invited Mrs. Rina Mulyati, S.Psi, M.Psi to help the 2014 students get ready for job recruitment. In her session Mrs. Rina delivered a very interesting material about resume preparation and interview techniques.

The two days training was a quite long session but the CBP journey they had in IP UII is even longer. The trainings are expected to help them to develop leadership traits and make them ready for future challenges. Closing the training, Mr. Herman Felani, Manager of Program Development wrapped the session by playing the videos and highlighted that their positive traits can be one of the competitive advantage they use to win the future.

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