IP UII shared The Best Practices on the Training of Teaching Techniques in The International Class of Architecture Department

An international class provides the students with chances to develop themselves more to meet the demand of global challenge. Not only the learning process through English as the mean of communication, but the students have also equipped with the International quality standard including the teaching and learning method. As Architecture Department has launched International [...]

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Ki Hadjar Dewantara once mentioned that everyone is a teacher and every home is a school. The quote has thought us that learning process happens everywhere and it is essential that every related party to work hand in hand ensuring the effectiveness of the learning process. Weak collaboration between parents and education institution can be [...]

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IP Open House 2015: Your First Step Toward International Environment

International Program Universitas Islam Indonesia or well known as IP UII, collaborated with Marketing and Communication Team of International Program UII, held an event called “International Program OPEN HOUSE 2015” with “International Education: Your First Step Towards the Global Environment” as the main subject of the event. This event took place in Gedung Auditorium Kahar [...]

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International Program of Industrial Engineering Gathering: Begin Your Journey with Your New Family

Such as a tradition, the senior student is always welcome new students, including the senior of International Program of Industrial Engineering department of UII. In academic year 2015/2016 International Program of Industrial Engineering did received 25 new students through different test in UII. In objective to welcome the new student, CIS (Community of International Student), [...]

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