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Students can join extracurricular activities that they are interested in during their study at the IP UII. The activities are as follows:

1. IP Student Organizations

The IPF was established in 1996 as a student forum to express student creativity and ideas. The IPF has several regular annual events, which actively involve IP students including, but not limited to seminars, discussions, trainings, and music concerts. These are just some of the activities conducted to date.
The EDS is an intra-campus debate society. It focuses on developing both students’ analytical skills and their ability to speak and listen in English. The IP’s EDS is a well-known debating society, and is regularly involved in English debate tournaments at both a national and international level. The EDS is ranked in the national top ten in Indonesia. Training usually takes place three times a week and national tournaments have become a regular forum for EDS to participate in.
IP NEWS is a quarterly magazine that is exclusively administered and managed by IP students. By being actively involved in IP NEWS, the students will be given the opportunity to express themselves through their writing. This bulletin is distributed to IP students; high school students; language centers, and others. Earning the LIPI (the Indonesian Institute of Sciences)’s ISSN license, IP NEWS is a nationally acknowledged periodical.
In order to support IP students to learn English and speak English actively, a compulsory activity is designed in such a way so that every student can practice their English more freely. This activity is called Speaking Club and is held biweekly. In this discussion, speakers and participants will be involved in a discussion of informal and light topics; participants may choose the topic for the next meeting.
As part of the internship program managed by IP for international students from overseas, IP students are given the opportunity to facilitate foreign guests at their internship site and social activities as a translator, tour guide, friend and buddy. This provides students with practical experience in diplomacy, cross-cultural understanding, international relations and the building of social and international networks.
IBuddy not an organization; it is a community. IBuddy the first pioneers in the establishment of a community in Yogyakarta, which has a program to provide a range of activities and ‘hospitality’ for international students or international guests who came to the University in order to study or intern at UII.
IBuddy all members are expected to have enough knowledge about the local environment, intercultural understanding, and also the ability to communicate. To develop skills and increase knowledge IBuddy members, then tersenggarakanlah on the job training and sharing session in order to evaluate and improve the quality standards IBuddy members.
All members of Ibuddy have specialized skills that are divided into five areas, namely web and technology for the development of marketing IBuddy, Music, MC, photography and traditional dance. All keahian course will always be used in events and activities Ibuddy own.
In three years of establishment IBuddy, IBuddy own experience does little in providing hospitality to students-masiswi cool from various leading universities such as Melbourne University, UniSA, Wollongong University, Deakin University, IIUM, UPM and also some other universities. In addition IBuddy also heavily involved in the international events organized by the internal UII such as the International Conference on Economics and Accounting 2015 General Lecture with Australian Ambassador and also saman dance performed at several prestigious events.
Currently, Ibuddy being elicits a website that would be accessible to everyone in the form of a blog named SUPPER BUDDY. The website contains a lot of experience, information and testimonials of activities organized and disukseskan by IBuddy. To know more about Ibuddy, friends bias directly access www.ibuddyuii.com we Sajingan very interesting.

2. Other Organization in UII

a. University Level

LEM and DPM UII were established on May 15, 1993 through the General Meeting XXII. Through membership of either of these bodies, students can learn to manage their own organizations and activities. These bodies provide students a chance to follow and respond to national or international issues. In addition, some training such as journalism, leadership, and political issues will be given to all members of these bodies. In 1998, they, together with other Boards of other universities, participated to build Reformation Era.
HimmaH UII is a students’ press board in the university level. With the expression “Iman, Ilmu, and Amal – Faith, Knowledge, and Charity”, HimmaH dedicates its spirit of struggles to young generations in order to step the intellectual atmosphere in UII. HimmaHreceived the ISAI (Institute of Information Stream Study) grant in 1996 as the best alternative students’ press board in Indonesia. The products are as follows:

a. Kobar-Kobari, released three weekly which discusses UII.

b. MajalahHimmaH, has general themes, is published annually.

c. HimmaH Online, publishes news online and can be accessed at http://lpmhimmahuii.org/

KOPMA, or in English – Students Cooperative, is a student organization whose daily activities focus on things that help students in fulfilling their daily needs. Kopma gives students the opportunity to practically apply their management knowledge, especially cooperative management. Kopma provides its members with a profit sharing arrangement. The profit sharing comes from the Kopma’s commercial activity.

b. Faculty Level

LEMF and DPMF UII were established in 1998 through the General Meeting XXV. They are like LEM and DPM UII but at a faculty level. Through membership of either of these bodies students can learn to manage their own organizations and activities. In addition, some training such as journalism, leadership, and political issues will be given to all members of these bodies. They also provide students a chance to follow and respond to national or internationalissues.
The KSPM is a club where students are able to be directly involved in stock exchange simulations. Here, students can simulate a virtual stock exchange and its impacts. KSPM is supported by a stock exchange laboratory that has a link to the stock exchange markets in Jakarta (Jakarta Stock Exchange) and Surabaya (Surabaya Stock Exchange).
These student communities are a part of the student management structure independent of the Students’ Executive Board. Their activities focus on each Department’s student events, for example: Students Inauguration Night, Music Concert and Bazaar. The major advantages for students in joining these communities is that they can learn about and practice teamwork, develop and apply management skills, and increase their experience in working in a team. Students can also develop their networks with others and meet new people.

a. LPM Keadilan LPM Keadilan is a students’ press board in the Faculty of Law. It monitors all phenomena around the faculty which are written and published through the monthly Keadilan Post and Keadilan Magazine. Some advantages the students can get as a member are journalistic training, photography skill, and management expertise.

b. LPM Ekonomika Ekonomika is a student newspaper. It publishes actual news in the Faculty of Economics. The students write about activities and events that take place on campus and publish the newspaper monthly. By being a member of the team at Ekonomika, they can develop their writing skills and learn about management. Another advantage of joining Ekonomika is the opportunity to undertake journalistic training from some of the alumni of Ekonomika, who now work in several national newspapers.

c. LPM Profesi LPM Profesi provides all students of Faculty of Industrial Engineering a place to learn journalism through publishing a monthly bulletin. It talks about the faculty from the academic services to the teaching-learning processes.

a. CENTRIS Center of Islamic Engineering is a Muslim community in the Faculty of Industrial Engineering. Students can learn the values of Islam through various activities such as Islamic journalism, seminars, and discussions of current Islamic issues. Furthermore, those who like singing can also join the ‘nasyid’ group facilitated by this organization.

b. JAM Al-Muqtashidin Pilgrims is a Muslim community in the Faculty of Economics. The values of Islam can easily be implemented by the members through creating various activities located in Masjid Al-Muqtashidin. Students are able to find a mini library containing Islamic magazines, books, and booklets.

The SRC is a sub-organization of the Center for Marketing Studies (CMS). It was established to support the CMS in providing a research database for the research conducted by the CMS. Most of the SRC members are marketing students who are currently studying research methods and developing their own thesis project. The SRC is supported by a large journal database www.proquest.com. This on-line database is available to all faculty staff and students.
a. Jumpalitan For those who like Parkour, the Faculty of Industrial Engineering students created a Jumpalitan community. Jumpalitan means ‘jumping’ so they can jump and jump everywhere they want to. The members regularly gather around in a week to develop and share the techniques they have.

b. Sparta Sparta is a futsal community for all Faculty of Industrial Engineering students. In UII, it is one of the best futsal teams.Almost every afternoon there is training at its home base.

c. KACA KACA is chess community held by Faculty of Economics students. Regularly, the members hold mini competitionsat their base camp in order to keep up their performance. Recently, KACA won a local competition held by UII.

a. KOIN Almost once a week in the afternoon, in the yard of Faculty of Economics members of KOIN rehearse to shout loudly to maintain their vocal stability during performances. It is a theatrical group which frequently performs in some events such as holydays, orientation days, and other memorable events. At least, twice in a year it creates a big event. By joining this group, students can explore and develop their skill to participate in dramas.

b. D’Jemuran The name of “D’Jemuran” is inspired by French sense of art. It is established to provide the students’ sense of art a place to express their theatrical and musical skills. At least once a year, D’Jemuran performs some artistic performances such as theatrical, musical, and poetic performances.

The Faculty of Economics has a community that focuses on self-defence such as Tarung Derajat, Karate Kala Hitam, Merpati Putih, and Perisai Diri. They are guided by their own masters and take regular training in the faculty. In some occasions, they send the best member to join in regional and national self-defense competitions.