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1. SolBridge International School of Business, Woosong University, South Korea

In 2009, IP UII established a partnership with Solbridge International School of Business, Woosong University,   South Korea. This partnership offers a student exchange program where IP students can take one semester courses at SolBridge. This program offers IP students the opportunity to experience international standard of higher education while completing their studies. Having completed the program, the students can transfer credits gained at SolBridge to obtain their UII degree. Read more

2. IIUM, Malaysia

UII has a partnership with Ahmad Ibrahim Kulliyah of Law (AIKOL) International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), Malaysia since 2009. This partnership offers a student exchange program where students from the Faculty of Law can study at the IIUM for a month. There are many activities the students can participate in this program, for instance attending classes at the IIUM with the opportunity to gain up to 15 cps of credit, visiting courts, parliament, lawyer offices and meeting with Indonesian Students Association in Malaysia (Persatuan Pelajar Indonesia/PPI), as well as weekend trips. Read more

3. Saxion University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

UII and Saxion University signed an MoU in March 2011 to have educational collaboration, which include student exchange program. At this time the program is offered to IP students majoring in Management. The exchange program expects students to spend one semester at Saxion University studying Marketing and International Management. The maximum credit that can be taken is 30 cps, which can be transferred to UII. Read more

1. UII and University of Gloucestershire and University of Bedfordshire, UK

In July 2010, UII signed MoUs with two universities in the United Kingdom which are the University of Gloucestershire (UoG) and the University of Bedfordshire (UoB). Both universities offer a joint degree program where IPFE UII students will study two years at IPFE and the following two years at UoG or UoB. When the students graduate they will be given two diploma certificates- SE from UII and B.Com from UoG or UoB. Application may be submitted anytime until 30 June of the year. Read more

2. UII and University of Wollongong, Australia

Since 1999, UII has been collaborating with the University of Wollongong (UoW), Australia to offer a joint Degree Program, which allows IP students to transfer their studies from UII to the Faculty of Commerce of the UoW. The program commences in February and July each year. Transferring students are able to complete their bachelor degree program at the Faculty of Commerce and will receive two diplomas: an SE diploma from the Faculty of Economics UII and a Bachelor diploma from the Faculty of Commerce, UoW. Read more

3. UII and Saxion University of Applied Sciences, the Netherland

Saxion University offers a joint Degree Program 3+1 where UII students can transfer their study to Saxion University after completion of their third year at UII. The program provides an internship program in the second semester. By completing your bachelor courses at Saxion you will be awarded with an internationally recognized bachelors’ degree, and be given a chance to work in the Netherlands for five years. Read more

 1. International Internship to China and India

International Internship offers the opportunity for international students to be an intern in a company or non-government organization in Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta. The program also gives the opportunity for IP UII students to participate in the program and become an intern in foreign countries (China and India). One of the benefits from the International Internship program is that it gives the opportunity for IP students to interact with international students without leaving Yogyakarta.

2. Internship Program to WIEF (World Islamic Economics Forum) in Malaysia

The WYN (WIEF Young Leaders Network) Global Internship Programme, an initiative established in 2007 by the World Islamic Economic Forum Foundation, is designed withthe purpose of identifying and nurturing young leaders in the Muslim world through internship/apprenticeship exchanges in reputable corporations across the globe. This Program offers students an opportunity to experience working life in a different country, to embrace the different cultures in the Muslim world, and get to know different people while at the same time benefit from professional and leadership skills and world-class best practices at work. The program lasts for 6 months, and is open for first and second year students from all academic disciplines. Further information you can visit their  website

Further information about the Internship Program, please contact the International Office UII at or call at +62 274 898410 ext. 2201.

1. SolBridge International School of Business, South Korea

This program is designed to enable students to participate in academic sessions in an international business school. During the 7 days stays in South Korea, the students will participate in various activities such as cultural activities, attending some classes, and company visits. This program is open for all UII students. This program is organized by SAP Faculty of Economics, UII.

2. University of Gloucestershire, the United Kingdom

The UoG is offering three exciting international summer schools. These international summer schools offer outstanding opportunities for developing students’ creativity while studying abroad in the UK. The summer schools on offer in 2012 are Prose: Craft and Practice, Making Magazines, and Historic and Contemporary Landscapes. Read more