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UII and Saxion University signed an MoU in March 2011 to have educational collaboration, which include student exchange program. At this time the program is offered to IP students majoring in Management. The exchange program expects students to spend one semester at Saxion University studying Marketing and International Management. The maximum credit that can be taken is 30 cps, which can be transferred to UII.

How to apply for this program?

1. All students apply to Saxion by filling in the online application at the Saxion
Website here.

2. Students submit the scanned and hard copy documents: academic transcript with the minimum GPA of 3.00, CV, a motivation letter, a copy of passport, a proof of finance and an English proficiency certificate, to the UII International Office (IO).

3. IO UII will send all the requirements to Saxion International Office. The deadlines of application are:

      •       1 May for the Autumn Semester
      •       1 November for the Spring Semester

4. Students will get an admission letter from MIM Saxion after the applications have been approved. At the same time, the IO Saxion will issue the invoice, which includes visa, housing, insurance, etc.

5. Students pay the invoice and send the scanned receipt to the IO Saxion.

6. The IO Saxion will send immigration documents to the students by email.

7. Students have to fill in the immigration documents and send the originals to Saxion as soon as possible. Saxion will then apply for a student VISA at the Immigrations Services (IND) in the Hague, NL. As soon as it has been approved, students can make an appointment with the Netherland Embassy in Jakarta to get the VISA.

8. Students study at Saxion for one semester.

9. Students will receive the result of their study in two up to three weeks after their arrival in Indonesia. IO will make a note of what subject can be transferred into UII curriculum.

10. Students give their academic transcript with the note to Academic Division in respective departments.

When are the sessions?

Deadlines for application are:
May 1, 2012 for the Autumn semester 2012
November 1, 2012 for the Spring semester 2013

Important dates academic year 2012-2013:
August 27, 2012      : start Introduction Week Autumn semester
September 3, 2012  : start Autumn semester 2012
February 4, 2013     : start Spring semester 2013
July 15, 2012          : start Summer Holiday 2013