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The Management Study Program is designed to nurture future professional managers, entrepreneurs, and academics competent in management that is based on Islamic values. The Management Study Program offers three majors; Financing, Marketing and Human Resource Management.

  • Finance

Majoring in finance, students are taught to master investment management and resources related to the capital or stock market. This major is a correct choice for students that are interested in working in the banking industry, stock exchange, or other financial institutions. The understanding on Risk Management, Corporate Restructuring, and Islamic Finance are the highlights of this major.

  • Marketing

Majoring in marketing, students are taught to comprehend marketing strategies, for manufacturing companies, service companies, or non-profits organizations. The subjects are designed to equip students with he skills needed to become future marketing managers with strong moral and ethical behavior, as well as deep insight into Consumer Behavior, Marketing Communication, Product and Brand Development, International Marketing, and Retail and Chain Management.

  • Human Resource Management

Majoring in Human Resource Management, students are taught to master the strategies of human resource management. Subjects in this major are designed to equip graduates with the knowledge and skills specific to becoming competent and professional human resource managers. This major highlights a thorough understanding of Motivational Management, International Human Resource Management, Changes and Development of Organization, and Human Resource Development.


  • Student Centered Learning and Case Study Method. This method of teaching provides an opportunity for students to develop their academic potential, deepen their insight of decision making , and increase their communication skills that is essential to managerial skills.
  • Optional Final Projects. There are three choices regarding student’s final assignment for the Management Study Program, including: Research/Thesis, Internship, and Business Design.

Career prospects

Many graduates of the IPFE Management Study Program work in government institutions, manufacturing companies, service companies, non-profits organizations, entrepreneurial endeavors, or academic postings