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International Program of Law Department is not merely considered as a law-learning process which is provided in English, but it more importantly tries to provide students with ability to response challenges and global world demand. Advanced information technology and its implication to the law are currently becoming a complex problem. This problem emerges not only confined beyond the diversity of the world major of legal systems, but because the harmonized world economy and business leads us to require the harmonized law both nationally and internationally.

In the Academic Year 2000/2001, The Law Department of Universitas Islam Indonesia with long tradition of freedom inevitably needs to establish international class program instead regular program. Currently, regular program has a strong commitment in relation to employment demand at national level, such legal professions, as judges, public prosecutors and legal drafters in Indonesia. In fact, this regular program fails to fulfill international job demand.

Some native controversies occurred in 1988 about overseas who practiced in Indonesia as a legal consultant for foreign companies. They did their jobs because there were a few Indonesian lawyers who speak English well. This phenomenon is important to note in order to challenge in solving the lack of Indonesian lawyers practicing in English way. On the other hand, it was difficult to find Indonesian law literatures in overseas law libraries due to the fact that English law publication of Indonesian law remains low in number. For such a situation, the International Program Law Department of UII will give positive contribution to popularize Indonesian legal system in the world.

The reason why the Law Department offers International Program is basically that globalization era and International networks have brought many legal problems. This includes international transactions in trade and business as well as cyber law, and international dispute resolutions have led the Law Department to challenge this international market demand. This new tendency is quite hard for the Law Department to follow the world changes if it does not offer international program at the beginning. Hence, the Law Department believes that this program not only promises graduates in relation to fill job vacation in vital positions at national scopes, but also more importantly provides great opportunities for law graduates to respond national and international global market.

These efforts can be achieved in the international program with strong commitment to maintain students’ ability in English expression and create an appropriate atmosphere where they can develop their legal expertise in a global network. Additional courses units are provided also in more comparative analyses in order to provide students with ability to be more creative and innovative in examining legal cases, especially when they have to choose which law procedure are more effective to be preferred when they face problems of legal conflict.

International Program of Law Department answer the international law challenge, both private and public laws, with the special attention to mainstream Business Law and International Law, moreover, Islamic Law have become major concern. Course units and curriculum such as comparative law in different subjects are designed to provide students to master legal knowledge and legal skills in a balance understanding of legal science from local, national and international perspectives. So, potential teaching staffs, a system of law education, a high standard of law library and research have contributed in significance to reach the dream of long tradition of freedom.

The curriculum of the international program, in certain degree, is similar to the curriculum of regular program. In respect to the global demand, however, international program will emphasize its curriculum in national and international laws (public and private), and comparative Islamic law. This combined curriculum will effect law students to gain certain advantages.
First, students will be more familiar with acquiring legal knowledge such as theory and concepts of law in English terms so that the are able to express a direct communication in English when legal cases are being solved.
Second, International Program will produce law graduates who become legal professional and experts in the field.
Finally, they could compete to take an opportunity in occupying job positions in governments and non-government employment both in Indonesia and in overseas.