IP UII Shared Best Practices of Internationalization with Three Partner Universities

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On Thursday (12/10), International Program UII was visited by three universities to build hospitality and benchmark of International office Affairs from each university. The event was attended by International office Affairs leaders and staff from Bengkulu University, Muhammadiyah University of Buton, and Muhammadiyah University of North Maluku. Some information shared by each university was about the development of the international Office affairs being organized and their experiences on the obstacles in pioneering the international program.

The establishment of several international classes is the first step in building an international program and most of the time they expressed their admiration for the International Program UII. Director of International Program UII, Ir.Wiryono Raharjo, M.Arch., Ph.D., described the organizational structure in the International Program UII and convey programs that are being run. “The vision and mission that underlies the International Program UII are not only to use English language but also to build the soul of leadership spirit to the students with the Character Building Program (CBP), “said Mr. Wing.

Manager of character building program, Mrs. Budi Tiara Novitasari, M.Si., Ak. added about the character building program that students got in the first year of college, such as Bridging Program Class, Outbound Management Training (OMT), Students leadership Training (SLT), Advanced Leadership Training (LKIL), Intermediate Leadership Training (LKIM) and Bridging Your Career (BYC). It was expected that after this meeting, the university International office Affairs in Indonesia can grow better.


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