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International Program Universitas Islam Indonesia or well known as IP UII, collaborated with Marketing and Communication Team of International Program UII, held an event called “International Program OPEN HOUSE 2015” with “International Education: Your First Step Towards the Global Environment” as the main subject of the event. This event took place in Gedung Auditorium Kahar Muzakkir, UII Main Campus, on October 14, 2015.
The series of events include interactive talk show by four speakers which experts in academic sectors. The talk show itself divided into two sessions. The first session was talk show by Dr.Eng. Ir. Rudi Suhradi Rachmat, M.Eng., the Plant Head on Indonesia Fumira and a senior lecturer of International Program UII at once, also Pungki Purnadi, ST., MM., MHRM, Managing Director of Pungki Purnadi and Associates as the main speakers. The main topic brought in the first session is “The Importance of International Education in Working Environment”. In this session, participants and speakers discussed the advantages of international education and also the strategies to go through globalization. “High school students are the main materials that should be taught and prepared since early to be involved in international stage.” said Mr. Rudi. Mr. Pungki added, “IP UII is one among many ways that can encourage students to be involved in international stage with the supporting facilities.”
Untitled-2Meanwhile in the second session, the talk show is brought by two alumni of IP UII, Iswoyo Seno Saputro, S.T., Marketing Manager of PT. Maesindo Indonesia and Betha Yudha Wanggai, S.E., M.Sc, Manager of Corp. Banking. The brought “The Success of IP UII Alumni in International World as the main discussion topic. In this second discussion, two speakers shared their experiences and their successful story after graduating from IP UII.
“The discussion topic in this IP Open House this year is to broaden the knowledge of the students and to increase the awareness of them, teachers, parents and also the student of IP UII 2014 about the importance of international education to go through globalizaation,” stated Kido Hernowo, Chief of this event.
Added by perdana Suteja from the public relation team of Marketing and Communication Team of IP UII, IP Open House 2015 attended by representatives of 10 Sekolah Menengah Atas in DIY with total participants 73 students, 5 teachers and 10 parents. 15 students of IP UII 2014 also get to be invited to this event.
“This event of IP Open House is very interesting, well organized in a comfortable venue and they invite inspiring speakers who delivers the message really well. This event is very suitable for our high school program which is university preparation and preparing the students to face the globalization. Even better, this event is held by international practitioner, IP UII which famous as one of the favourites universities in Indonesia,” Mrs. Tien Utari stated as the Headmaster of SMA International Budi Mulia Dua Yogyakarta.

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