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 1. International Internship to China and India

International Internship offers the opportunity for international students to be an intern in a company or non-government organization in Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta. The program also gives the opportunity for IP UII students to participate in the program and become an intern in foreign countries (China and India). One of the benefits from the International Internship program is that it gives the opportunity for IP students to interact with international students without leaving Yogyakarta.

2. Internship Program to WIEF (World Islamic Economics Forum) in Malaysia

The WYN (WIEF Young Leaders Network) Global Internship Programme, an initiative established in 2007 by the World Islamic Economic Forum Foundation, is designed withthe purpose of identifying and nurturing young leaders in the Muslim world through internship/apprenticeship exchanges in reputable corporations across the globe. This Program offers students an opportunity to experience working life in a different country, to embrace the different cultures in the Muslim world, and get to know different people while at the same time benefit from professional and leadership skills and world-class best practices at work. The program lasts for 6 months, and is open for first and second year students from all academic disciplines. Further information you can visit their  website

Further information about the Internship Program, please contact the International Office UII at or call at +62 274 898410 ext. 2201.