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Islam in Indonesia has unique characteristics. Partly because of its geographical distance from the cradle of Islam and its peaceful penetration process during its historical development in the Indonesian archipelago, Islam in Indonesia shows a more substantive and inclusive Islam without the heavy burden of Arabic cultural identity.

This particularity is well reflected in the Muslim architecture in Indonesia especially in Java, a region with long histories of Hindu and Buddhism as well as Christian – Western influences. Historic monuments, such as mosques, tombs and gardens, constructed by Muslim rulers represent Islamic philosophy in the local architectural language, while settlements adjacent to such monuments reveal dynamic social relationships in their spatial arrangements and building form.

Employing a multi-disciplinary approach, this course is designed for those interested in architecture, history, cultural studies, Islamic studies and anthropology. This intensive course is delivered in two weeks as a series of lectures given by experts in architecture, archaeology and Islamic studies; field study to prominent Islamic monuments and settlements in Java as well as seminars. We invite undergraduate students of architecture and social science.  The course will be available for credit transfer. For further information concerning this course: