Universitas Islam Indonesia in collaboration with Universitas Diponegoro has successfully held Global Summer Program 2016 which started from September 25th until October 8th. This collaboration was actually initiated by UII as grant implementation from Ministry of Education.

The program entitled Islam and the Hybrid culture of Indonesia was aiming to give the participants a better understanding about Islam and specifically about culture in Indonesia. The diversity and hybrid culture of Indonesia can finally attract the participants who came from Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Philippine and Tunisia to come to Indonesia and learn about it. The program was firstly took place in Yogyakarta and then moved to Semarang as the second city.

During two weeks program, the participants have learned about history of Islam, Islam and its civilization, Islamic halal food as well as the mixture culture of Islam in those two cities. Participants also visited the big influencing Islamic institution: Nadhatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah.