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Since its establishment, the International Program Universitas Islam Indonesia (IP UII) has been committed to nurturing its students with skills and values necessary to becoming outstanding graduates who excel academically and professionally in their field. This was proven by the graduates’ employment seeking period that is less than one semester. IP UII graduates have proven themselves as excellent individuals and have gained prestigious positions in the increasingly competitive global workplace.

However, as a program that keeps growing and innovating, IP UII should always be able to keep up with the increasing challenges. The current challenges demand that the graduates excel academically and professionally and also have strong personal characteristics. IP UII is aware of this need and under a new tagline of “Nurturing Innovative Global Leaders,IP UII has developed a Character Building Program (CBP). This program is designed to equip students not only with the knowledge competence in the subjects they  are taking but also the awareness of the five basic characters– academic knowledge, innovative leadership, entrepreneurial talent, competence, and global experiences.

CBP is designed to prepare students to become innovative global leaders with a standard of professional attitude, concern, and the noble character that are based on Islamic values. The series of CBP is implemented in phases starting from the first until the seventh semester.

A series of CBP activities is carried out with various activities that include indoor and outdoor. CBP is a compulsory activity for all students of IP UII and is one of graduation requirements. In summary, CBP activities are described as follows: