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The International Program Faculty of Economics Universitas Islam Indonesia (IPFE UII) was founded in 1996. It was the first international program for Undergraduates Business and Economics established in Indonesia and more than 13 years later many things have been achieved. IPFE UII successfully established a student exchange program, dual degree program, joint lecture and more collaboration with international universities in India, South Korea, United Kingdom, Australia and the Netherlands.

Each year there have been new experiences as well as improvements in the program, and the coming year will be no exception.Throughout these years, several new programs were initiated, including an innovative Outbound Training, Bridging Program, Character Building Program, Business Incubator, and International Experience which will allow the IP to move closer to its goal of achieving a high school essay help program of a truly international caliber.

With 14 years of experience, IPFE fully aware that the dynamic and complex challenges in global business world. It demands every individual to have the competencies of academic excellence, professional attitude, strong ethical and moral standards, and innovative thinking. This is the reason behind our commitment on continuous improvements and innovations so that we always deliver the best for our students. With our jargon, “Nurturing Innovative Global Leaders”, IPFE offered international standards higher education for bachelor degree (S1). IPFE has the commitment to nurtured innovative global leaders that “berilmu amaliah and beramal ilmiah”, and ready to compete in the global business world. Started from 2011, IPFE is managed under the International Program Universitas Islam Indonesia (IP UII) and become the Business and Economics Department under IP UII Management’s head office in Dr. Sardjito Building, 3rd floor, Universitas Islam Indonesia (main campus).