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Tuesday (27/2), the Office of International Affairs (OIA) Islamic University of Indonesia (UII) the arrival guests from University of 17 August 1945 Surabaya (UNTAG). The benchmarking visit was held at UII vip meeting room at 1 p.m. to discusses the profile, program, and development of OIA from year to year.

 This meeting were attended by Ir.Wiryono Raharjo, M.Arch., Ph.D. (Director of OIA), Nihlah Ilham, S.Pd. (The head of International mobility), Budi Tiara Novitasari, M.Si., Ak. (Manager of Global leadership program), Dr. Muaffaq Achmad Jani, M.Eng (Vice Rector 1 UNTAG), and 6 lecturers from UNTAG.

The establishment of several international classes is the first step in building an international program and most of the time they expressed their admiration for the International Program UII. Moreover, Global leadership Program is the establishment of characters programs that students got in the first year of college, such as Bridging Program Class, Outbound Management Training (OMT), Students leadership Training (SLT), Advanced Leadership Training (LKIL), Intermediate Leadership Training (LKIM) and Bridging Your Career (BYC).

One of the lecturers of UNTAG asked how to prepare lecturers who will held the international program in their faculty because now there are 10 departments in UII which have international program. They are Accounting, Management, Economics, Law, Industrial Engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering, Communication, International Relations, and Ahwal Al Syakhshiyah. OIA also provides training to teaching techniques in the international class for UII lecturers who have organized international program in their faculty. After sharing many things, the meeting was closed by giving out souvenirs and taking pictures together.

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