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Summer Program on Islamic Business in INDONESIA 2017

Universitas Islam Indonesia Yogyakarta proudly presents a Summer Program on Islamic Business in “INDONESIA”!

Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) has been known as a leading private university in Indonesia. Located in Yogyakarta, one of the famous cultural city, UII has a background as a higher education institution that integrates scientific knowledge and Islamic values.

In this opportunity, UII offer you a one-week great intensive program focusing on Islamic business in Indonesia, which provides you with experiences: understanding the business potentials in Indonesia, how Islam has influenced the way people conduct the business in Yogyakarta City and exploring the beauty of Yogyakarta – the cultural city in Indonesia!

The program will be held on July 31 – August 7 2017 and this opens for all international students currently enrolling at a university to join this program.

The registration starts from March 1 – June 1 with the payment deadline on June 15.

Let’s join now by filling in the application in this link:

An exciting moment of this program is waiting for you!

For further information, please contact to

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LKIL 2017: The Last Character Building Program Designed for IP UII Students of 2013

Yogyakarta, March 6, 2017 was the last day where all of International Program Universitas Islam Indonesia (IP UII) Students of 2013 gathered in the Advanced Islamic Leadership Training (LKIL) designed by Character Building Program (CBP). LKIL aims to motivate and inspires IP UII students to be national leaders who uphold Islamic values in their professional and personal life. Thus, this program opens an opportunity for the students to have a direct interaction with national leaders, who were UII alumnae, to learn how to uphold Islamic values in real life leadership practice.
The students learned how to be a professional leader from Mr. Muhammad Riza Perdana Kusuma who is the Director of Commercial and Operational PT Angkasa Pura Solusi. He shared his experience in facing challenges in his career by a creative and courageous method without sacrificing his belief.
This session was followed by an inspiring session with theme leading with compassion delivered by Mr. Hanes Hendri who is the Vice President of Human Capital Business Partner PT Telkomsel. His explanation about how to be companionate in our career was easily absorbed by the students.

This training was closed by an inspiring session entitled leading with integrity delivered by Dr. Suparman Marzuki, S.H., M.Si. who is a former chief of Judicial Commission RI and now an active lecturer of Faculty of Law UII. His charismatic delivery successfully attracted the students in comprehending the material about integrity in real life practice and how our integrity is always tested.
Each session opened a wide opportunity for the students to discuss the strategy how to be great national leaders, especially in answering nowadays challenges, without sacrificing personal identity and Islamic values as our life guidance. In the time given, the students were enthusiastic in absorbing life lesson from the speakers. Their enthusiasm was continued after the session ended and it was showed by how the students actively built communication with the speakers. /cbpipuii

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Holiday break expecially the one that is used to wait the graduation ceremony are usually wasted with no beneficial activities. That is why AIESEC offers you the best experience as a volunteer in various aspects that could also help you to become an accountable contributor for the Sustainable Development Goals by the United Nations. From helping improving the education up to helping to increase the health awareness. Use this opporunity to widen your knowledge and to spread positivity around the world.

Did you know that on 19th December 2016, AIESEC in UGM has just signed MOU with Universitas Islam Indonesia one of the private university in Jogjakarta. Our Global Volunteer (GV) program, a social voluntary exchange program has officially become part of KKN program and students will get credit after taking GV. We believe we can develop leadership through exchange and it’s a good initiative to take purposeful collaboration with University as one of education institution.

“This is the best decision that i made to join global citizen project during my free time at the end of my student life before graduated. I got a lot of experiences about working phenomenon as a teacher before coming to the professional work after graduate.”
– Dwi Rizki Ananda, UII, Exchange Participant Spring 2016

Find us on our:
Instagram: @aiesecugm

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International Program Dance Club (IPDC) win big at folklore festival in Russia

The International Program Dance Club (IPDC) from Yogyakarta’s Indonesia Islamic University (UII) pose together during the 9th International Folklore Festival (Interfolk) in Saint Petersburg, Russia, which was held from Nov. 11 to 15. (Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) Yogyakarta International Program Dance Club (IPDC) Instagram/File)mvi_0024-bandara-jogja-mov-still002

The International Program Dance Club (IPDC) of the Indonesia Islamic University (UII) in Yogyakarta has won numerous awards at the 9th International Folklore Festival (Interfolk) in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The competition was held at the city’s Concert Hall and Kaskad Cultural Center from Nov. 11 to 15.


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Joint Degree 2+2 Between UII-SolBridge-Youngsan University


Thinking abut finishing your study in Korea? Interested to widen your horizon and to be a global minded graduates?

FE UII in collaboration with Solbridge International School of Business and Youngsan University, now open a Joint Degree Program 2+2 for 2017 intake with Partial Scholarship and Part-time Job Opportunities during your study there. Check the details below and make yourself registered before February!
For further information please contact:
Nihlah Ilhami (081 804030590)
or visit our office at Gedung Prof. Dr. Sardjito 3rd floor.
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Global Summer Scholarship Program 2016 : Islam and Hybird Culture of Indoneisa

Universitas Islam Indonesia in collaboration with Universitas Diponegoro has successfully held Global Summer Program 2016 which started from September 25th until October 8th. This collaboration was actually initiated by UII as grant implementation from Ministry of Education.

The program entitled Islam and the Hybrid culture of Indonesia was aiming to give the participants a better understanding about Islam and specifically about culture in Indonesia. The diversity and hybrid culture of Indonesia can finally attract the participants who came from Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Philippine and Tunisia to come to Indonesia and learn about it. The program was firstly took place in Yogyakarta and then moved to Semarang as the second city.

During two weeks program, the participants have learned about history of Islam, Islam and its civilization, Islamic halal food as well as the mixture culture of Islam in those two cities. Participants also visited the big influencing Islamic institution: Nadhatul Ulama and Muhammadiyah.

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Freshmen Inauguration for IP Student 2015

WhatsApp-Image-20160628 (2)WhatsApp-Image-20160628

New environment, new friends, new atmosphere and culture are what freshmen experienced during their first year as college students. The very beginning of new life as college students might be full of expectation and surprises. A freshmen Inauguration is an annual event for the freshmen to celebrate their accomplishment and survival on the Bridging Program (BP) class for one year. Four times a week for two semesters in the BP class certainly gave all the International Program students of 2015 wonderful experiences.

As the students finished their BP class, a Freshmen Inauguration is the last program provided by Character Building Program to celebrate their survival and success of accomplishing all the tasks and requirements. Besides that, it gives the students a chance to implement the values that they have learned at BP class such as cooperative, communication, and team work skills. This event was designed and managed by 2015 IP students with the supervision of BP lecturers. “Java Antique” as the theme chosen by the committee at this time became the base of every decoration and dress code.

Held on 18th June 2016 at GKU Sarjito Building UII, Freshmen Inauguration 2016 consisted of series of events such as class performances and awarding for the winner of IP 2015 competitions. Before the Freshmen Inauguration night, several competitions were held to provide opportunity to develop self-actualization for the students.

On the windy and rainy evening, the warmth atmosphere could still be presented through the joy of all the committee and guests. The Freshmen Inauguration was officially begun with speeches from the chief of the committee, Fahri Shidqi Arifsa (Industrial Engineering) and followed by Manager of Character Building Program, Ms. Budi Tiara Novitasari, S.E., M. Si., Ak, and Director of International Program, Mr. Ir. Wiryono Raharjo, M.Arch., Ph.D. While waiting for the evening feast, sophomore of IP Economics presented a musical performance. Then right after performing tarawih (Ramadhan evening prayer), each of the BP class of Economics, Law, and Industrial Engineering presented their performances. Pop music were dominated the performance and those songs made the evening splendid.

At the end of the event, the MC (master of ceremony), along with judges from Character Building Program, started to announce the winner of each competitions. Zafira Mardhiyah (Economics) won the first winner of essay competition. For mini research report presentation, she won the competition once again along with two of her friends (Rahayu Puji Lestari and Muhammad Yoga Izzani). The best class performance of that evening was B Class of Economics Faculty; they sang a song in perfect harmony. The last announcement was best students of IP 2015. It was announced by the previous best IP students of 2014 and 2013 and the best students were Sinta Diyah Kirana (Law) and Arista Surwiyanta (Economics). The freshmen inauguration night, then, was closed with giving a token of appreciation for all BP lecturers.

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Intermediate Islamic Leadership Training

The Speech from Secretary of International Program (IP), Faculty of Business and Economics UII, Rokhedi Priyo Santoso, S.E.,MIDEc., officially closed the three-week-program of Intermediate Islamic Leadership Training 2016. Held in Hotel Kana, Kaliurang, the training started on May 20th, and involved 152 IP students of the year 2014. The training is one of Character Building Program (CBP) activities which is the continuation of Self Leadership Training (SLT) in the first year of study in IP. Divided in three batches—May 20th – 22nd, May 27th – 29th and June 3rd – 5th—the students from five departments of IP learned and discussed with practitioners and professionals whom also were alumni of UII.

Intermediate Islamic Leadership Training provided opportunity for the participants to learn about leadership: to build positive leadership mindset, to generate creativity, to be able to work either individually or in a team, and to deliver his or her messages through good communication. Similar to last year, all the trainers were alumni of UII who were markedly prominent in their fields of expertise namely Yodhia Antariksa, S.E.,M.Sc., Hendi Aldrianto, S.E.,M.Sc., Dr. Ade Ahmad Rozi, S.E.,M.B.A., Budi Sutiono, S.E., M.M., Imam Subchan, and Fachrurrozi. Likewise, there were two additional trainers: Wresni Angraeni and Kun Wahyu Wardana, alumnus of Department of Industrial Engineering and Law respectively.

In each session of the training, the trainers always attempted to engage the participants by giving meaningful advice and sharing their experiences when they were still students back then. For instance, Yodhia Antariksa, S.E., M.Sc., pointed out the importance of visualizing one’s dream and future plans in order to motivate oneself and refrain from forgetting them. Budi Sutiono, S.E., M.M., learning from his experinces in banking sectors, shared the significance of teamwork to achieve the goal. Another trainer, Imam Subchan, encouraged the students to perform proper communication as crucial characteristic of a leader and to discern particular communication strategies from famous leaders. According to Imam, “the way to communicate messages reveals character of a leader.” Bad communication can ruin someones’ image and reputation even if he is a respected leader.

Aside from participating in every session of the training, the participants also had descreate sessions with chaperons (senior students) where they can share and discuss further the training materials learned from the trainers. The chaperons—due to their experience and familiarity of the same training—assisted the participants to comprehend more about the materials while observing participants’ attitude during the three-day-training. Another important activity of the training was morning reflection (muhasabah) conducted after Subuh prayer. In this activity, the participants was brought to contemplate about the essence of being  Moslem, to rethink spirituality, and to embrace responsibilities as Moslem. This session was also accompanied by singing and praising (Salawat) to the holly prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

At the end of each batch, IP management awarded best participant for two students who were considered proactive and enthusiastic during the training. The participants, after the accomplishment of the training, were expected to have new insights and adequate knowledge which will contribute to their future career.

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