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2017 becomes the fifth year of Alternative International Development Cooperation Team (AIDCT) Sungkonghoe University (SKHU), South Korea, a team made by SKHU in collaboration with Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and  Universitas Islam Indonesia (UII) to implement the Sustainable Community Development Yogyakarta, Indonesia. On 8 November 2017, the “AIDCT Family Friendly SKHU Family” held an event entitled “The Spirit of Steppe into New Episodes”. It marked the commencement of the development stage of the AIDCT-SKHU assisted groups. The event is part of year-end program series that will present presentations of the development of assisted groups in front of the AIDCT-SKHU family plenary, photo exhibition of AIDCT-SKHU activities, and mini exhibitions of local products from assisted groups at Grand Keisha  Hotel, Yogyakarta.

Since the first team activity period from its launch in 2012, AIDCT-SKHU – currently called “SKHU Jogja Team”, carried out various leadership and organizational training activities for its assisted groups. The university-based program design makes project management AIDCT -SKHU is different from other community development projects. The approach used is human bottoms of development, targeting the community, not on the object but on the project. In addition to community-centered, the different methods applied are the initiative of networking of interesters and stakeholder development. Network meeting activities, for example, invited manager of the local village, representatives of government institutions, UII representatives (UII Yogyakarta), and local NGOs (Bina Swadaya) to hold constructive discussions in order to increase the group capacity.

Among the six assisted groups scattered in four districts in Yogyakarta, there are four groups which have successfully conducted local food processing and two other groups have run micro-credit and food stalls management activities. These activities are beneficial for most members of the group. “We run routine monitoring and evaluation. Furthermore, we review the indicators that help us to take the next steps to facilitate the group, “explained Ajeng Kinasih, AIDCT-SKHU local staff.

“With the motto of being a friend of the local community, we want to witness their change and growth as a group,” said Kim Taeyoung, manager of AIDCT-SKHU. Procedures of activities are undertaken without hierarchy and uphold the principles of democracy. The community is always involved in the decision-making process and each vote is considered equally. Implementation of the program in the field is also emphasized on the absence of the concept of donor countries and recipient countries so that the relationships established between stakeholders within the framework of international cooperation are not dominating each other.

In order to achieve sustainable and independent programs, AIDCT-SKHU equipped its assisted groups of skills and networks. With these capacities, it is hoped that when the AIDCT-SKHU Yogyakarta program is over, the group can still be sustainable and run the wheel of its activities to support the welfare of its members. All of the experience in AIDCT-SKHU has been developed into a course called Community Development and International Cooperation (CDIC) in International Relations Department UII since 2016.

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