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To be admitted as an International Program student, prospective students must pass the Admission Test (Ujian Masuk) organized by Universitas Islam Indonesia. There are 3 types of admission tests:
CBT is a selection test by using a computer. This selection test is open for those who are interested in most study programs at UII, except the medical study program. CBT Schedule

  • CBT is conducted at UII Main Campus, GBPH Prabuningrat Building 1st floor, Jl. Kaliurang Km. 14,5 Yogyakarta starting from November until August.
  • Information about off-campus CBT can bee seen at

A. CBT Prosedures   cbt prosedureB. Registration Fee

  • CBT for S1 (undergraduate degree) in UII Main Campus : Rp 175.000,00 CBT for S1 (undergraduate degree) – off campus: Rp 200.000,00
  • CBT for D3 (Diploma) in UII Main Campus : Rp 125.000,00 CBT for D3 (Diploma) – off campus: Rp 175.000,00
PBT is a selection written test. This selection test is open for those who are interested in all study programs at UII. For the medical study program, the test is conducted in 2 sections. A. Regular PBT Regular PBT is divided into 2 categories:

  • Potential PBT

The result of the test determines whether the students are successful or not to pass the test. This also determines the amount of Catur Dharma.

  • Independent PBT

The result of the test determines whether the students are successful or not to pass the test. The amount of Catur Dharma is determined by the students’ parents. B. Quick Selection PBT Quick selection PBT is conducted in 2 days (Saturday: registration, Sunday: test). The result of the test determines the amount of Catur Dharma. C. Second Selection This selection is specialized for them who apply for the medical study program and pass the PBT. This test consists of Psychometrics test, interview and document selection. D. PBT Schedule PBT is conducted at UII Main Campus at 09.00 until finished. Registration for the Quick Selection PBT: Saturday at 8 am – 4 pm. Registration for the Regular PBT: Monday – Friday at 8 am – 2 pm. E. Procedure of PBT pbt prosedureF. Information of the Result of PBT The result of the PBT will be announced by mail and in

PSB is a selection test by tracking outstanding students. This test is divided into 3 categories: outstanding students in academics, outstanding students in sports and arts, and outstanding students coming from less fortunate families. Outstanding Student in Academic Achievement Students who have high academic achievement or who have won certain science competitions at provincial, national, or international level can apply through this admission category. Outstanding Student in Sports and Arts Students having achievements in sports and the arts either in the levels of province, national, or international can apply through this admission category. Outstanding Student Coming From Less Fortunate Families Students who are accepted through this admission category will not be charged Catur Dharma fee and a tuition fee for 8 semesters. The students’ achievement will be evaluated every semester. However, this scholarship will be stopped if the students fail to maintain their good achievement.
For further information concerning the registration procedure, please contact the Secretariat of Student Admission (Penerimaan Mahasiswa Baru/PMB), UII main campus, Jl. Kaliurang km 14,5 Yogyakarta 55584, Phone. (0274) 898444 ext. 1234 or 1200, Email:, or Website:
IP Management will assess your application based on the requirements listed. Your application will be assessed based on your academic results, references, and the reasons why you want to study at the IP, as outlined in the statement of purpose, will also be considered. The results of your application will be sent to you in the form of a Letter of Offer. Attached to the letter is information about tuition fees, orientation and an application form for the pick-up at the airport service. After you accept the conditions in the Letter of Offer, then UII will issue the Letter of Acceptance to be used for VISA application. After Arrival, when you arrive in Yogyakarta, there are some procedures that must be followed which include

  • Administration Registration Procedures

You directly make payment of tuition fees, reimbursement of study permit fee, and pick up service through Mandiri Bank by cash, After the payment, you must submit the receipt to the International Office.

  • Academic Registration

The IO will take you to the Directorate of Academic affairs UII for student ID card photo.

  • Campus Orientation

The purpose of this campus orientation is to introduce the UII campus, academic systems at UII, immigration matters, campus facilities, and students’ activities and so on.

  • Stay Permit Completion

Within 7 days of your arrival in Indonesia, you must report to the Yogyakarta immigration office to get your KITAS. Soon after you get a KITAS, you should report to the police for the STM and SKLD. The final step in completing your stay permit requirements is the report at regional citizenship office as a temporary resident of Yogyakarta. The IO will assist you in all of these processes. All of the fees for the processes are paid for by the students.

International Office (IO) International Program Universitas Islam Indonesia Prof. Sardjito Building, 3rd Floor UII Main Campus Jl. Kaliurang Km. 14.5 Yogyakarta – 55584

Phone +62 274 898410 ext. 2201 Fax +62 274 898406 Email: