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Through a conducive learning environment and process, the Accounting Study Program at IPFE is designed to nurture future accountants highly trained with information technology in both generic business and accounting. The Accounting Study Program is committed to educating students on the personal, functional, and global perspective competencies to be able to compete and win in global competition. The IPFE Accounting Study Program also ensures students not only have accounting academic excellence, but also to be future leaders with strong ethical and moral behavior based on Islamic values.

  • Technology Based Learning – SAP® University Alliance

The collaboration between UII and SAP® University Alliance made the FE UII Accounting Study Program the first in Indonesia to include My SAP ERP inside its curriculum. With this collaboration, IPFE Accounting graduates will have the skills needed to use ERP software which is internationally recognized and certified.


The curriculum is set up dynamically with the development of knowledge related to accounting, management, and information technology. This curriculum design is to ensure that the graduates are capable of becoming autonomous, competent, and innovative leaders that are adaptive to the environment and possesses high competencies. Apart from the use of accounting software in subjects with technological aspects (SPSS, MYOB, Peachtree, etc.), the IPFE Accounting Study Program implement methods of practice in all major subjects of accounting to ensure students have the required theoretical and practical skills.

Career Prospects

Graduates of this course can work in the government sector, corporate services, trading, manufacturing or working as a professional accountant well as public accountants, management accountants, public sector accountants, and educators. In addition, graduates are also prepared to continue their studies to the higher level of education.